CEO Greeting Letter


We will always be one step ahead than our customers
and provide better products and services.

Young Jin Kwon


We deeply appreciate your concern and support for our Highfly Co., Ltd. We have established Kangsan Pharmaceuticals since year 1999 and have arrived until now under our three principles, “Challenge”, “Creativity”, and “Exploration”. We changed our company name to “Highfly” in order to produce better services and to adjust in a rapidly changing foreign and domestic drug market.

We will continue to move forward by focusing on a Research & Development field by obtaining outstanding individuals, who possesses motives than can advance both the nation and the company in a world with limitless competition. Highfly will always be one step ahead when it comes to providing better products and services.

There is a saying, “No Pain, No Gain”.

Nothing can be done without hard effort, and we will prepare our future by facing the reality with modesty, always bearing in mind that hard work eventually pays off. We thank you again for your support and love, and as “trusted with skilled enterprise”, we will thrive as we take a new leap forward.

21st century Global Master