Business Summary

Business Summary

As specialized API company, Highfly Co., Ltd. distributes self-developed and imported API to foreign and domestic pharmaceutical companies.

Imported API or Development & Manufacture

Securing Imported API as well as
Self-developed Products


Supplying API

Foreign& Domestic Major Pharmaceutical Companies

Distributing to Foreign & Domestic Major Pharmaceutical Companies

Our Vision
Company that leads Global Health Care
and BIO-related Business


Based on R&D expertise and know-how on API, Highfly Co., Ltd. meets customer’s needs by supplying API in excellent quality and contributing to development of human health and healthcare business.


  • Maximizing capital efficiency
  • Strengthening market dominance
  • Maintaining and improving profitability of business


  • Challenge: Leading the trend and changes of the future
  • Creativity: Thinking outside the box
  • Exploration: Company with ability to overcome difficulties using as opportunity and investing on novelties without hesitation